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What does turbulence mean?

What does turbulence mean?

3 Jun 2013 18:46:00

Ever heard about plane turbulence? Or even some of you have had experience when the plane experiencing turbulence. Air turbulence is not really a stranger to the world of aviation term, but not everyone knows what plane turbulence is, even for those who frequently travel by plane.

Air turbulence itself is a plane shock caused by collision of air masses that come with a fairly high speed from various directions that occur in the air column. This will result the aircraft shocks even like being blown. This incident is similar to run over bumps while you're driving on the streets.

Although it’s not so dangerous, but when the plane is experiencing turbulence, the shocks will be felt frightening for passengers. Usually when turbulence occurs, the aircraft pilot or other crew will make an announcement to the passengers. The passengers must use seat belts because the shocks occured can cause injury to passengers.

There are several types and causes of air turbulence, the common one is because of the temperature of the sun that can cause air mass rising of cold air or vice versa, the air mass is suddenly dropped. This turbulence is often called as thermic turbulence. The second is a kind of jet stream turbulence, a turbulence that often occurs due to the very fast movement of air currents at high altitude levels and the effect on the surrounding air. The third is a mechanical turbulence, turbulence that often occurs when air passes through the mountains because the air mass in the mountains. And the fourth is a wake turbulence, usually occurs when the plane ran into or adjacent to a helicopter or other aircraft.

Aircraft turbulence is normal and common. Turbulence does not hurt so when you experience it, you do not need to panic making you screaming in horror. Actually, the pilot can also avoid air turbulence encountered and can accurately predict the turbulence. Pilots will always choose the most convenient way without compromising passenger safety plane.

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