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The largest cave in the world

The largest cave in the world

22 Oct 2014 15:33:00

A cave is a hole or passage that was formed by either natural or man-made processes. The largest cave in the world is named Son Doong Cave, meaning Mountain River Cave. The cave is located in the National Park Phong Nha Ke Bang, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.

This cave is seen as the largest cave in the world because it is more than 200 meters wide, with a height of about 150 meters and a length of more than 9 kilometers. The cave is high enough to accommodate a 40-story tall building. This newly discovered cave beats the previous world record holder, the Deer Cave in Malaysia, according to National Geographic.

Son Doong cave was first discovered by locals in 1991. They just got to the entrance of the cave, but did not dare to go further inside. Then in 2009, some British researchers managed to explore the caves of Son Doong. In the cave are rivers, waterfalls and green expanse of vast forests. Some monkeys were spotted jumping in the trees. There is even a giant stalagmite measuring more than 230 meters.

The cave is set in a very natural surrounding, far away from any development. To go to the cave the researchers had to walk for six hours and pass through 9 kilometers of dense forest area. Visiting this cave will be very difficult but maybe that is also for the best, otherwise it would have become another commercialist attraction with devestating effects on the surroundings.

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