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What's new on Utiket part 2

What's new on Utiket part 2

11 Apr 2011 00:00:00

In the last weeks we have been working on another major update of the website which last week has gone online. Was the previous update mostly layout stuff, this one is more technical and the improvements are not so visible. Besides the technical improvements we have added some nice new things of which the tourist places are the biggest new feature. In the coming weeks we will be adding more places of interest in Indonesia and later in other countries in South-east Asia.

We are now online two months and while we thought we planned things thoroughly, we ran into some technical limitations due to the database and programmatical design, for example, we assumed that one transfer would be enough but we noticed that with a growing amount of countries and destinations, often this is not. Fixing these growth issues was the main target of this update. Now utiket.com can not only handle two transfers, it can also search for a combination of two transfers with three different airlines.

A list of the improvements:

  • Tourist places of interest in Indonesia
  • Improved scanning time
  • When only few tickets are found the scanning will continue with finding a multiple transfer options combining flights of two airlines. Before this was calculated for only one city, now it automatically selects the two cities with the most flights and searches for that. Also, it will now always scan transfer flights when the amount of tickets found is 4 or less, or if there are only tickets found from one airline
  • Besides calculating transfers with one stop, we can now calculate transfers with two stops, combining the flights of three airlines. This is a very unique option. For short-haul flights it is not so interesting, but if you would want to go from Yogyakarta to Chang Mai (North Thailand), utiket.com calculates the flights of the low-cost airlines for this route. (Yogyakarta to Singapore with AirAsia, Singapore to Bangkok with JetStar, and Bangkok to Chang Mai with NokAir for instance)
  • Partner program for travel agents. In the last weeks we had quite a few emails from travel agents asking if they could somehow work together with us and use our airline data for their customers. We have made a program for this: if you are a travel agent you can now place a unique link on your website which will let us know who is your customer. When your customers want to book a flight, they will get a booking form which will be sent to your email address. With this, you know exactly which ticket they want to buy and can immediately make a reservation and discuss payment options with your customer. Look at the partner page for more information.
  • The results can now be sorted by departure times and by price.

If you have any ideas or come across a bug or incorrect result, please let us know!

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