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Train tickets to Station Bandung, Bandung

Looking for a train ticket to Station Bandung, Bandung? Find here easily all available train tickets and other relevant information. You can search for cheap train tickets to Bandung and easily compare ticket prices for different dates and stations.

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About station Bandung

Bandung station, also known by the name of Hall Station is the main station and the largest in Bandung city. The station is located on Jalan Stasiun Timur 1 and Jalan Kebon Kawung 43 Bandung. This station was inaugurated on May 17th, 1884 and is managed by PT . KAI Operational Region 2 Bandung. The station is also called by the name of Terminal Angkot because there are many public transportation to get to this station. Originally this station has only one part, but after the Bandung local government renovated this station, it has two parts but still become one. Bandung station designated as one cultural heritage because it is full of history. There are two entrances access in Bandung Station, on the north and south. The station is near to Gedung Sate, Jalan Braga and Jalan Asia Afrika. There are many ticket booths at the station to minimize the queue line. This station has quite wide area where there are many food and souvenirs merchants. Public facilities are available in Bandung Station, among others there are toilets, praying room, free wifi, smoking room and waiting room. In the waiting room which has many seats you can watch (local) television.

Train Stations in Bandung

These are the stations near Bandung for which you can book a train ticket online. There may be more stations near Bandung but they are only for local trains.

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Departures from station Bandung, Bandung

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Serayu (#255A)Jakarta00:35
Argo Parahyangan (#37A)Jakarta05:00
Lodaya (#92)Solo06:55
Argo Wilis (#6)Surabaya07:40
Ciremai (#146)Cirebon08:00
Argo Wilis (#6)Surabaya08:15
Argo Parahyangan (#47)Jakarta08:45
Malabar (#7014A)Malang09:50
Argo Parahyangan (#51)Jakarta10:50
Serayu (#251A)Jakarta13:01
Argo Parahyangan (#35)Jakarta15:00
Ciremai (#150)Cirebon16:25
Malabar (#120)Malang17:00
Ciremai (#144)Cirebon17:00
Malabar (#120)Malang17:20
Turangga (#66)Surabaya18:10
Argo Parahyangan (#51A)Jakarta18:15
Turangga (#80)Surabaya18:20
Argo Parahyangan (#41)Jakarta18:50
Lodaya (#94)Solo19:00
Argo Parahyangan (#7045)Jakarta19:45
Harina (#124)Semarang20:20
Argo Parahyangan (#35A)Jakarta21:50

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