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Looking for a train ticket to Station Gambir, Jakarta? Find here easily all available train tickets and other relevant information. You can search for cheap train tickets to Gambir and easily compare ticket prices for different dates and stations.


Gambir Station is a train station in Jakarta, precisely at Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No. 19-27, Central Jakarta. The station is the largest in Jakarta. Gambir Station is located in the city center and adjacent to the Monas or National Monument. The station was built in the 1930s under the name Koningsplein Station and started to run on October 4th, 1884. This station was the first station in Koningsplein and maintained by Weltevreden Railway Station Well Contented. This station used to be a station for departure for Bandung and Surabaya route. At first, the station was designed by SS (Staatsspoorwegen) and the building uses roof resting on iron bearing. But in 1917, the station was enlarged and continued to experience massive change to ten years ahead and use the concept of art deco buildings. The station was undergoing massive renovation in 1990. Gambir Station has been equipped with various facilities that make the passengers to feel easier. Gambir Station building itself consists of three levels. On the first level there is a counter, main hall, shops, ATM machines and some fast food restaurants. At the second level, there are lounge and several restaurants and cafeterias. On the third floor there is a train platform. The station has also been provided with porters for passengers to carry their belongings. The porter uses red uniforms and is the official porter of Gambir Station. It is also provided with a safe luggage deposit stand and money changer. The security is quite conducive for security officers are always standing by.

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Departures from station Gambir, Jakarta

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Argo Parahyangan (#44A)Bandung04:55
Argo Muria (#14)Semarang07:05
Argo Bromo Anggrek (#2)Surabaya08:20
Argo Dwipangga (#10)Solo08:50
Taksaka (#82)Yogyakarta09:10
Argo Sindoro (#12)Semarang16:25
Argo Parahyangan (#42)Bandung18:00
Sembrani (#78)Surabaya19:00
Argo Bromo Anggrek (#4)Surabaya20:35
Argo Lawu (#8)Solo20:45
Taksaka (#84)Yogyakarta21:30
Purwojaya (#86)Cilacap22:00
Argo Parahyangan (#54)Bandung22:25

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