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Train tickets to Station Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta

Looking for a train ticket to Station Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta? Find here easily all available train tickets and other relevant information. You can search for cheap train tickets to Lempuyangan and easily compare ticket prices for different dates and stations.

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Train Stations in Yogyakarta

These are the stations near Yogyakarta for which you can book a train ticket online. There may be more stations near Yogyakarta but they are only for local trains.

Ratings for station Lempuyangan (LPN), Yogyakarta

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Departures from station Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Jaka Tingkir (#221)Jakarta00:01
Singasari (#102)Blitar02:10
Kahuripan (#238A)Kediri06:20
Logawa (#212)Jember08:34
Bogowonto (#137C)Jakarta09:50
Pasundan (#239)Bandung11:21
Progo (#247)Jakarta12:05
Bengawan (#246A)Solo14:32
Progo (#293)Jakarta15:10
Bengawan (#292)Solo15:25
Logawa (#247)Purwokerto16:23
Gajahwong (#139B)Jakarta17:00
Gaya Baru Malam Selatan (#105)Jakarta17:03
Kahuripan (#103)Kediri17:45
Pasundan (#240)Surabaya18:18
Gaya Baru Malam Selatan (#106)Surabaya19:15
Jaka Tingkir (#222)Solo19:52
Gajahwong (#137)Jakarta21:00
Bengawan (#245A)Jakarta21:23
Kahuripan (#283)Bandung21:42
Singasari (#103)Jakarta21:51
Bengawan (#291E)Jakarta22:07
Jaka Tingkir (#221)Jakarta23:38

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