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Train tickets to Station Pasar Senen, Jakarta

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About station Pasar Senen

Pasar Senen Station, often called as Senen Station is one train station in Jakarta, precisely in Senen sub-District, Central Jakarta. The station is located in the bustling area, close to Pasar Senen shopping center and Planet Senen Youth Center. The station's name is taken from a market that used to open only on Monday called as Pasar Senen which is still in the area. The station was built in 1916 and inaugurated on March 19th, 1925. Formerly, Pasar Senen Station was only temporarily stops for trains sering Batavia-Bekasi route which was opened in 1894 by Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschappij ( BOS ). Pasar Senen Station is growing along with the development of Pasar Senen located in the area. Pasar Senen station is increasingly crowded by passengers passing through. Pasar Senen Station does have a unique building design. The building is designed by an architect named J. Van Gendt. The building is symmetrical elongated shaped, but there are some buildings higher than the main hall. The doors are curved with pyramid-shaped roof that often looks like a two floors building. At the front there is a parking lot and ticket purchasing building equipped with a canopy toward the main entrance. Pasar Senen Station has several railway lines serving business class and economy class. The lines are grouped into west and east lines where each group consists of three tracks. Interestingly, the west line and east line are separated by long emplacement open buildings with saddle roofed. The emplacements itself are separated by tunnel under the rail. The station is included as a large station equipped with adequate facilities, such as passenger waiting room, praying room and toilet.

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Departures from station Pasar Senen, Jakarta

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Kutojaya Utara (#260A)Kutoarjo04:55
Bengawan (#246A)Solo06:00
Fajar Utama Yk (#142)Yogyakarta06:40
Sawunggalih (#148)Kutoarjo07:10
Gajahwong (#138)Yogyakarta07:35
Kutojaya Utara (#224)Kutoarjo09:00
Tegal Bahari (#320)Tegal09:20
Serayu (#252A)Purwokerto09:25
Matarmaja (#282)Malang10:20
Tegal Bahari (#170)Tegal10:30
Matarmaja (#234)Malang10:45
Gaya Baru Malam Selatan (#104)Surabaya10:55
Jaka Tingkir (#222)Solo12:00
Brantas (#110)Blitar13:30
Kertajaya (#256)Surabaya14:10
Gumarang (#128)Surabaya15:50
Jayabaya (#106)Malang16:45
Menoreh (#226F)Semarang16:50
Jayabaya (#108)Malang17:25
Singasari (#102)Blitar17:30
Sawunggalih (#150)Kutoarjo17:55
Senja Utama Yk (#140)Yogyakarta19:05
Majapahit (#216)Malang19:20
Menoreh (#264)Semarang19:25
Majapahit (#252A)Malang20:10
Serayu (#256)Purwokerto20:10
Gumarang (#130)Surabaya20:45
Serayu (#306)Purwokerto20:50
Singasari (#104)Blitar20:55
Tawang Jaya (#310)Semarang21:40
Bogowonto (#136)Yogyakarta21:45
Progo (#294)Yogyakarta22:30
Bogowonto (#138D)Yogyakarta23:00
Progo (#248)Yogyakarta23:00
Tawang Jaya (#258)Semarang23:15

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