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Keep Safe during Flight

Keep Safe during Flight

29 Apr 2013 10:08:00

Flight accident happened lately, of course make you frightened or a bit traumatic to do another flight trip. Disaster can happen anytime and anywhere, it can’t be avoided. But for you who still feel frightened using plane, there are several things you need to minimize the possibility of flight accident:

Take a direct flight

Plane crash happens a lot while taking off or landing. To anticipate it, you can choose a direct flight, instead of a transit flight. A transit flight will need twice taking off and landing. By choosing a direct flight, you can reduce a chance in experiencing plane crash.

Choose a big plane

Choose a plane which has more than 30 passenger seats or a way bigger plane than usual. A plane with more than 30 passenger seats is designed and licensed with strict regulations making it more comfortable than others.

Pay attention to safety demo from the officer

Though it might be boring for the information is repeated, but this demo is so important for your safety. So, don’t ever think it would be unimportant considering the different conditions of some planes, for example the position of emergency exit would be different from one to another plane.

Put heavy things in the plane’s baggage

Don’t put heavy things in the cabin, use the baggage. The heavy things placed in the cabin would harm you for those things would possibly fall down on you when heavy shocks occur.

Don’t bring harmful things

There are many harmful things prohibited to be brought into a plane and it’s better for you to obey this rule by reading what things might be banned. If the airline you take ban you to bring certain things, so the best thing to do is to leave them for your and other passengers’ safety.

Put always your sealtbelt on

Seatbelt is one equipment to keep you safe inside a plane. Therefore, you need to always put your seatbelt on while sitting inside the plane. It can also be useful when turbulence occurs.

Don’t drink alcohol too much

Avoid drinking alcohol too much while you’re on a flight. Drinking too much alcohol will only make you unable to control your mind. Fighting with other passenger can be also a reason for a plane crash.

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