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Getting the Best Seat on the Plane

Getting the Best Seat on the Plane

21 Jun 2013 05:00:00

Traveling by plane these days has become a common thing to do. But for some people sometimes feel less comfortable with the airplane seat, especially for those who are going to travel far by plane. In addition to the narrow seat, aircraft engine noises often becoming a complaint of airplane passengers. According to a survey conducted by one of the provider’s website flight info, a favorite airline seat among the passenger is seat 6A for international aviation aircraft types. But not all passengers are lucky to get it. Here are some tricks that can help you to get the best seats:

Not all seats are equal

You cannot assume that all seat maps in plane are the same. Aircraft seat maps vary according to the type of aircraft used, for example aircraft for international flights is different from the type of aircraft for local flights.

Find out the position of aircraft seats

You can find out and see the airplane seat maps via the internet. There are several internet sites that inform the airline seat map in full according to the airline's existing type. For that you should have determined and find out what airline you will be using.

Figuring out the availability of seats to be ordered

Once you learn the airplane seat maps you will use, you can ask the airline concerning about the availability of seats. If you are lucky, you can directly book seat and pay the ticket before the time limit specified.

Do not choose a seat near the exit door

Maybe some of you think if get a seat near the exit will allow you time out of the plane so you do not have to jostle with other passengers. But it is completely wrong, because the seat near the exit is not convenient because it has a smaller space and you will not be free to lay the seat.

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