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How to Apply a Visa

How to Apply a Visa

15 Jul 2013 01:45:00

If you would like to visit a country, there are two important documents that you should provide, passport and visa. A visa is document permissions for someone to live in another country for a certain period of time. Without a visa, you would not be able to visit abroad even though only a day. There are several types of visas, including student visas, tourist visas and workers visa. Maybe some of you do not know how to apply a visa. There are a few things you must do to apply for visas, among others:

Register Online

Basically, applying visa should be through the embassy of your destination country. Lately, many foreign representatives use the online system for visa processing. This will certainly make it easier for you. Visit the website of the embassy of the country you want to visit and do online registration. When doing registration, you will be asked to choose an appointment time to come to the office of embassy of the country concerned.

Fill Form

Fill in the form at the time of online registration carefully and correctly. Ensure that all entered data is the actual data because if you lie it will be difficult for you in the end. Do not let you make a mistake in this section.

Complete the Requirements

There are some requirements that you must complete. These requirements may be different, depending on what country you will visit. You should find out in advance what terms you need to prepare so that later when you do not have to commute as some requirements have not been met.


To get visa, there’s an interview process which is mandatory for you to follow. Interview is the most important part in this process. Answer questions calmly, clearly and honestly. Maybe not all officers are pleasant. There are some interviewers ask so detail but you also have to keep answering. If you are not confident with your foreign language skills, do not hesitate to answer it using Indonesian.

Take Visa

 After interview, your visa will be approved to get published, you will be given a card by visa officer for decision. Your bisa can be taken personally or represented by others as long as that person can show your card.

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