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Watch Out! Avoid Keeping These Things in Plane’s Baggage

Watch Out! Avoid Keeping These Things in Plane’s Baggage

13 Mar 2013 16:48:00

Sometimes you will think you don’t eed to carry several things into the cabin. But you need to know that there are several things you better bring into the cabin no matter how you might think or assume. It might be lost or perhaps damaged if you keep them in baggage. Then what things you need to carry into the cabin instead of baggage? Check out these tips:

Fragile Things

Though those things you keep in the baggage have been labelled with “fragile&rdquo ;, but it won’t guarantee that those are in well condition. The risk of getting broken are at stake. So it’s better for you to carry those fragiles using special box.

Important Documents

The risk of losing things in the baggage is high. So, to avoid losing precious things, don’t keep your important documents like passport, ID card and other precious documents in the baggage.

Do you still remember the lost expensive jewellery in a baggage in an airplane case? Yes, plane’s baggage is not the safest place you can use to keep your expensive jewellery. There’s a possibility of crimes happened in baggage like broken out luggage or losing baggage containment.

Movie Negative

All things willing to be kept in baggae must go through X-ray machine. This X-ray machine will surely damage your negatives of a movie you bring along. So don’t keep it in the baggage.

Gadget such as laptop, pc tablet or cellphone and other electronic devices are commonly sensitive to any shock. You will never know how your things are treated in the baggage. It’s possible that the officer just throw your things into the baggage.

If you have specific disease which can be recrudescence anytime, then it’s better not to keep your medisines in the baggage for it will cause you some trouble if you’re suddenly suffering.

Cash or Credit Card

These are other important things you need to carry them on with you. Remember that crime can happen anytime especially when your cash is quite much, your luggage might be broken by iresponsible people just to rob you.

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