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Tips While Emergency Landing

Tips While Emergency Landing

31 Mar 2013 19:32:00

Trip safety is the thing wanted by every travellers, especially for you who travel a lot using plane. But anything could happen and it’s better for you to prepare any possibilities during your flight, one of them is emergency landing. Here are some tips to do if any chances happen during your flight:

Pick a seat near to the door

Before having a flight, pick a seat near to the door. It will get you easier to run out whenever your plane is having a trouble.

Don’t get panic

When the aircraft you’re on is going to have an emergency landing, try to not get panic, be calm and keep on focus and also try to be able to move as quckly as possible.

Always put the seatbelt on

To have some pre-cautions, you have to always put the seatbelt on. But still, you need to know exactly to open and loosen the seatbelt correctly, for in emergency time you have to be able to loosen your seatbelt as fast as possible to minimize collateral damage when accident.

Obey any instruction from aircraft’s crew

Don’t ever take a selfishand reckless move for it can cause a threat for your own safety.

Do a correct taking cover position.

When your plane is hardly shocked and you can go anywhere, do a taking cover position as soon as possible. The correct way is when you put your arms in the front of the seat and duck under your arms. This position is proved to be the best way in reducing injury risk when your plane is having trouble.

Get away from the plane as soon as it has landed

Get yourself safe at least 150 meters away from the plane. If the plane has landed in an isolated area, it’s better to stay close to the plane until the rescue team arrives. But don’t get too close for there’s a possibility your plane will get burnt.

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