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Red Island

Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Red Island

Red Island is one of tourism spot located in Sumberagung village, Pesanggaran sub-district, Banyuwangi district, East Java province or about 80 km from Banyuwangi city. Actually, this toursim spot is a beach area which has small island in its center. This small island has redness land so this place is called as Red Island by the people.

Surrounding area of this Red Island is a clean and clear beach area. This shore area has three kilometers along of white-brownish sand beach. This place is visited by many people especially on holiday. One of most spectacular scenery of this place is when the sunset comes where you can find beautiful panorama: a reddish-orange shining sky which shine behind the Red Island. That will be a beautiful moment for everyone who see it. For you who loves photography, don't forget to prepare your camera to capture that beautiful moment.

Another reason why people love to come here is because this beach has great waves to surfing as well as Plengkung Beach (G-Land). The waves on this Red Island different with Plengkung Beach's waves which has strong waves and only suitable for professional surfer. Red Island got cool n safety waves which suitable for beginner to amateur surfer with approximately two meters height. This place also becomes a new destination for both domestic and international surfers. There was the first international surf competition held in this beach on May 24-26th, 2013, "Red Red Island Banyuwangi International Surf Competition 2013".

Red Island

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Transport options Red Island

This place can be reached easily by public transportation or private vehicle. If you want to use public transportation, you can get in to bus named Minto or Ujang Jaya which serve to Pesanggaran route. You can get off near of Pesanggaran Market then you have to continue your journey to the Red Island by rent ojek. But if you drive your own vehicle, you can take a route from Banyuwangi to Rogojampi until you find Jajag's traffic light which has white tiger statue on its center. From this traffic light, you can turn in to south way and follow the road direction signs that will guide you to reach Pesanggaran-Red Island. On the weekdays you don't need to pay entrance fee, but on Sunday or another holiday time you have to pay entrance fee.

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Ticket fees ticket fee

You can pay 2,000 IDR per person for the Red Island’s entrance ticket. And also you have to pay 2,000 IDR for parking ticket.

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