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Anai Valley

Padang, Indonesia

Anai Valley

Anai Valley is one of the top tourist destinations in West Sumatra. The valley is located near road between Padang and Bukittingi, about 38km from Batusangkar. It is a nature conservation area of about 221 ha, started in the Dutch colonial time. Prior to getting at the Valley you will pass a winding road with beautiful scenery; many overgrown trees, green hills and valleys, often you will see monkeys close to the road. Although the valley is easily reached, this beautiful valley is also the main route for traffic between Padang and Bukittingi.

The Anai Valley Nature Reserve has a dense tropical forest with diverse species of flora and fauna. It is not only the rare flora and fauna which makes the Anai Valley so appealing, it is also the three waterfalls and a lake, with clear blue water. One of the waterfalls (the Anai Valley Waterfall) is located just on the side of the road, so you can't miss this one. The two others are further away and still surrounded by a dense forest but only around 15 minutes drive from the Anai Valley waterfall. The lake is also only 15 minutes away from the main road.

Anai Valley

The river that makes the Anai Valley Waterfall springs at Mount Singgalang and is very clear, flowing down the hills and into the Anai Valley Nature Reserve reaching the edge of a 50 meter high cliff. The mist created by the waterfall creates beautiful colors when the sun shines on it.

If you are really, really lucky (or well... maybe not so lucky) you can meet the rare Sumatran tiger. Other animals living here are gibbons, deers, macaques, anteater, lizards, various types of birds and butterflies.

Anai Valley

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Getting to the Anai Valley Nature Reserve, is quite easy. From the city of Padang the trip takes about 2 hours with public transportation, rented car, private vehicle or train.

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