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Tokyo - Haneda Airport (HND)


Tokyo Haneda Airport, or also known simply as Haneda Airport or Tokyo International Airport is one of the two airports serving Tokyo, the other one being Tokyo Narita Airport. With almost 70 million passengers a year the airport is the fourth busiest in the world (after Atlanta, Beijing and Heathrow).

What are popular destinations from Haneda Airport?

Most flights from Haneda Airport are to Osaka and to Kuala Lumpur but there are many more flights to other destinations as well, most of them by All Nippon Airways. Every day there are flights to 20 destinations from Haneda Airport. Here are the most popular destinations:

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Haneda Airport

How many runways and passenger terminals does Haneda Airport have?

The airport has three terminals partly build on reclaimed land and a landfill in the Tokyo Bay (one of the runways is build on top of the landfill so it may be you land basically on garbage). The two main domestic terminals, terminal 1 and 2, are located next to each other and connected by an underground walkway. The international terminal is on the other side of a runway and a free shuttle bus connects it to the domestic terminals.

Where is Haneda Airport located?

Haneda is located 14 km south of Tokyo Station in the Tokyo Bay.

How to get from the airport to Tokyo city centre by public transport?

Tokyo Haneda has several public transport options for getting into central Tokyo. The Tokyo Monorail (JPY 500, every 4 minutes, trip time 13 minutes) has a station at all three terminals and the monorail will terminate at the Hamamatsucho station 17 km away from where you can easily connect to other trains. The airport also has train stations at each terminal for the Keikyu train which can also bring you to inner Tokyo. Both the monorail and Keikyu train in fact compete for the same passengers. Also shuttle buses run from the airport to various destinations in the region and to Narita Airport (1,5 hour for JPY 3500) but you can connect to Narita by train as well (JPY 2000).
Although the airport operates 24 hours most of the public transport option and most of the shops, especially in the international terminal close in the night. If you land after midnight you may not have another choice than using a taxi. There are plans to improve this situation though.

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