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Flight schedule Padang - Jakarta

Below you can find the flight schedule for Padang to Jakarta for July. If you are looking for flight fares, please check the cheap flights Padang to Jakarta, or you can use the search form at the top.

AirlineFlight numberDepartureArrivalFlight time
Batik Air ID7108 15:15 17:05 1h 50m
Citilink QG953 09:25 11:15 1h 50m
Citilink QG965 12:50 14:40 1h 50m
Citilink QG47 13:05 14:50 1h 45m
Citilink QG963 14:20 16:10 1h 50m
Citilink QG959 17:40 19:30 1h 50m
Garuda Indonesia GA167 08:00 09:50 1h 50m
Garuda Indonesia GA149 12:00 13:55 1h 55m
Garuda Indonesia GA1634 13:55 15:50 1h 55m
Garuda Indonesia GA163 16:30 18:25 1h 55m
Lion Air JT253 07:25 09:15 1h 50m
Lion Air JT6139 09:25 11:15 1h 50m
Lion Air JT903 13:10 15:00 1h 50m
Lion Air JT6137 14:25 16:15 1h 50m
Lion Air JT6162 17:25 19:15 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU817 07:05 08:55 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU813 10:00 11:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU2815 11:00 12:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU815 12:00 13:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU903 13:15 15:05 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU2811 14:30 16:20 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU811 15:00 16:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU901 16:00 17:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU907 17:00 18:50 1h 50m
Super Air Jet IU905 18:30 20:20 1h 50m

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