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Indonesia, a country made out of 6000 islands is the worlds largest archipilego and home to one of the largest Buddhist temple in the world: the Borobudur. But the diversity of Indonesia, in landscape, cultures and people is immense and you could travel around for a year and still not have seen all.

Popular places

Things to see

Bali is of course where most travelers go to and it remains a popular destination with a good mix of beaches, clubs, shopping, culture and impressive nature. But there is more in Indonesia. The Borobudur is another must see place, but so is Lake Toba (Sumatra), Raja Ampat (Papua), Bonaken National Park (Sulawesi), the white sand beaches of Maluku and we could go on and on.

Try if you are in Indonesia to visit one of the many cultural dance performances. A famous one is the Ramayana Ballet near Prambanan which gives a unique perspective of the rich cultural history of the country.

Things to do

Sufing and diving are of course the main activities for which many travelers go to Indonesia. There are many good surf spots almost everywhere but Bali remains the most popular spot.

Diving can also be done throughout the country although the best places are in Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi.

Things to eat

The Indonesian kitchen is very varied and every region has its own specialty. Most food is fried (goreng) and you should really try the fried banana (pisang goreng). Other things you should have tried are Gado Gado (vegetables in peanut sauce) and sate.

Getting to Indonesia

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