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Things you need to pay attention to while booking hotel online

Things you need to pay attention to while booking hotel online

29 Apr 2013 10:48:00

In modern era like now, everything can be done practically. Not only shopping and buying flight ticket, you can also easily book hotel room via online. Though it looks so easy and practical for it makes customers easy to get a hotel reservation, but you need to do it correctly to avoid problems later. Here are several tip you need to pay attention to while booking hotel room via online:

Find a reputable site

There are many websites providing information about traveling including information about hotel and hotel reservation. Choose one reputable and reliable website in order to avoid you from any deception. Some big hotels already prepare their own online hotel booking service you can easily use.

Know the rules in ordering

There are several rules you need to know while booking hotel via online. Not all rules are the same,so you need to read them carefully. Check thoroughly whether your credit card is used only for booking confirmation or your money will be directly used to pay the price. Read also the rule of cancellation your booking, will your money be back or not, as well as staying rules.

Always read the testimony

The pictures placed in the booking website usually make us tempted. But you need to be careful for the pictures are not always the same with the real condition of the hotel. Therefore you need to look at the testimonies from people who have already stayed at the hotel before. The testimonies will be your consideration before you decide.

Compare the prices

Find comparing prices. You don’t need to stick on one website but you have to find out by opening other websites to find out other informations about hotel prices so you will get the cheapest price.

Always update

When you have finished booking a hotel, it doesn’t mean that it’s done already. You need to always check on your booking status. This thing is to avoid unwanted things happen like unilateral cancellation. If this cancellation happens, don’t let you know it when you get to the hotel.

Bring credit card

Don’t forget to bring credit card when you’re about to check-in for the booking using credit card will require your credit card for confirmation. If you book it using your relatives’ credit card, you still need to borrow their credit card for confirmation or perhaps a photo copy so the hotel management can confirm the real owner of the credit card.

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