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Safe and Comfortable Traveling by Train

Safe and Comfortable Traveling by Train

22 Nov 2013 02:55:00

The islands of Sumatera and especially Java have an extended train network which can be used as an alternative for flying. Besides it is often cheaper you will see much more of the country and will experience it's people in a much better way than staying in tourist centres. Before you book and travel, here are some tips to stay comfortable traveling by train:

Book the ticket days before and avoid the ticket brokers

If you got a plan to go traveling on holidays, especially before feast day and school holiday, it's better for you to book the ticket couple days before so u still able to choose your ticket. Why so? It's just because on those time you have to fight with another people who want to go to traveling by the train. Avoid yourself to buy train ticket from the ticket brokers because you would just waste your money. So, you have to be agile to get your train ticket on high-season.

Count the travel time

Nowadays it's very easy to know the train schedule because it's already getting online. Count the travel time which you would to take so you could tell your friend or maybe your family in your destination place. It could be also to avoid the traffic jam after you got-out of train station. Remember to come to train station earlier than your train schedule so you would not miss your train.

Only bring the necessary things

Only bring the necessary things seem like an order for you who would go to traveling by public transportation modes. This thing to avoid yourself from trouble on your trip. Bring a lot of things would only get yourself into trouble and also could bother another passenger's comfortness on the train. You would also get a trouble for keeping your eyes on your stuff.

Be careful of crime actions

Keep watching everywhere you are especially if you're on the way to traveling because you would never know the people besides you. Do not to wear clothes and jewelleries too much. Those would only make the criminals to act as fast as they could. Don't let your mind to be empty so you would not to be perpetrators hypnotic's victim.

Check your stuff before gett off

It's better for you to know when will you have to prepare yourself to get off because when the train stopped and dropping off the passengers, all the passengers would also drop off their stuff. Don't be panic, make sure you had check all of your stuff properly before get off the train so there would be no stuff left.   

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