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How to get free vacation

How to get free vacation

4 May 2013 16:48:00

Who does not like holidays?? Almost everyone liked it. But sometimes the cost becomes prohibitive for your holiday plan. Make no mistake, in the modern era, as now free holiday can still be found and you can join. Sometimes even for some ways, you can have free vacation and get paid. Want to know how to get a free vacation?? Consider the following tips:

Join a quiz

Although it may sound cliché ;, you can try to join a quiz with holiday prizes. In each quiz there must be a winner and there is always the possibility that it is you who will be the winner. Please read carefully and follow the rules to increase your chances of winning the quiz. One more thing you should pay attention to if you join a quiz, don’t expect too much and don’t be too sad when you don’t get the prize. But a try is worth to do, isn’t it?

Be a volunteer

Volunteering will certainly provide a very valuable experience for you. Besides you can go out in the country free of charge, you can also help people who really need a reliever. Look for information in the United Nations or agencies that need volunteers. Volunteering will allow you to meet many people and most importantly, it will change your perspective on life. Although there was not much fun because it may be very different from that vacation you think. But do believe that this is a unique way to have a vacation. Vacation is not always about having fun right?

Au pair

This term may not be too familiar to the Indonesian people in general. Au pair is one way to have a vacation that is not only free but also getting paid. You can stay for one to three years with a host family that will accommodate your family there. But of ccourse, in return you will get several tasks such as keeping young children for a few hours per day. Indeed, the way is long and complex but it's fair because you will stay for a long time in a certain country. Favorite countries for au pair destination are the Europeans. So, are you interested to join? You can get lots of information through the internet by entering the keyword "aupair".

Join a student exchange program

This way can be followed by you who are still in school or university. Though it may take a little effort but almost all students must be very interested in this program. Imagine you can walk out of the country and also get a lot of knowledge. There are many universities and schools that hold this program. Do not be lazy to figure out either through the internet or the information board of your school or college. Or you can also find out the information in a foreign country's embassy website.

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