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Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

24 May 2013 02:11:00

Snorkeling is one activity you can choose to spend your holiday time. Snorkeling may not have been too popular remembering not all the places are suitable for snorkeling. But still, snorkeling is a fun activity you need to try. Enjoy the beauty of the underwater while snorkeling directly will give you another experience. Interested to go snorkeling? For all beginners, you need to read the following tips:

Use the equipment properly

There are several tools that you should wear while snorkeling. This equipment is as a tool to help you when you are in the water as well as your safety device. Choose the most comfortable equipment and must be fitted to your body. Use the equipment properly and appropriately, for you can go snorkeling comfortably.

Don’t be alone

For all beginners, you should not snorkel alone but with a group of friends forming a group. Snorkeling time would probably be a good time for you, but you should always remember always don’t get away with your group because it could endanger yourself. You need to always look around to keep you safe while snorkeling.

Don’t forget warming-up

Although warming-up sounds trivial, but it is very important to do. Likewise, when you are going to go snorkeling, you should warm-up first. When snorkeling, you really need the movement of your legs and arms. If you are not able to warm-up you could have cramps while in the water. Of course you do not want your snorkeling activity to be compromised, right?

Get on board when you start cramping

When snorkeling, you won’t realize the time spent. You may not feel how long you’ve been in the water surface and your hands and feet start cramping or numbness. If you start to feel something less comfortable immediately came on board. Do not try to hold it because it could jeopardize your security.

Don’t get panic

There are many things in the sea that you cannot predict, especially about the weather. Weather changing in the ocean might affect the flow of sea water. Strong water currents might pull you into the middle, but if it happens do not get panic, remain calm. Ask for help to the group by shouting or whistles that have been prepared and try to swim to your ship.

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