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Be Safe at an Airport

Be Safe at an Airport

28 May 2013 21:33:00


For some of you who have first experience in coming at certain airport, you might get confused while at an airport you first come to. Different situations among several airports will sometimes get travellers confused. You need extra effort to get used to be on certain airport you first come to. There are some things you need to pay attention to as guidances for being safe at an airport. Check these out:

Obey the rules

Pay attention to and obey those rules available at the airport even though the rules are so trivial like littering, queueing and others for it might disturb your flight if you don’t obey the rules at certain airport.

Pay attention to any announcement

Listen and pay attention to any announcement thoroughly for it might be your flight announced for delayed schedule. Don’t be so lazy to read any information on annoncement board and listen carefully on spoken announcement via speakers.

Don’t hesitate to ask anything to official officers

There’s a famous Indonesian proverb, “malu bertanya sesat di jalan” (hesitate asking will result to get lost). So, don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand, especially when you’re at new place. But make sure to ask to an official officer of the airport. It might be a bit difficult to find some official officers, especially if the airport you’re in is crowded by many people.

Do any transaction at official counter

It’s true that you can buy some flight tickets in the airport. But remember to buy flight tickets only at either official airline representative or official travel agent in the airport.

Don’t buy just anything

Don’t be easy to get influenced by any merchant there at the airport offering you several cheap things for those things they offered might be fake. They probably offer you with some bonuses, but as customers you need to be more careful.

Use official taxi

There are several unofficial taxies there at the airport and it might be their camouflage to trick you or deceive you. Therefore you need to be more careful and use official taxi to avoid things you dan’t wanna get into.

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