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To Not Get Bored during Flight

To Not Get Bored during Flight

12 Jun 2013 06:12:00

Traveling by plane it will save travel time. But when you are traveling by plane to a place that takes for hours, it will definitely make you feel bored during the flight. There are times when you are wondering how to keep from getting bored on the plane. You need not to be confused again because here are some tips that you can do to not get bored during the flight:

Straighten your legs

Sitting in an airplane for a long time is going to make your body feel a little stiff and there are many who sit cross-legged. In fact, sitting cross-legged will make you easier to get tired. It is because that the muscles will be pulled and will make extra work so that you will quickly feel the soreness around the foot. For that, try to sit with your legs straight.

Do not just be quiet

Do some small movements to stretch your muscles. If you just sit in silence during a flight then your body will feel sore from sitting too long. You can do a bit of gymnastic movements that can be done in a sitting position. You can take a short walk in the hallway cabin to reduce the soreness and boredom. Interact with the person next to you can also reduce your boredom during the flight.

Bring a snack

Prepare your favorite snack before flying. But you still have to prioritize to bring a healthy snack. You can take your time during the flight by eating snacks that you take. In addition to snacks, you can also take herbal teas. When flight attendant offers you food and beverages, you can ask for hot water to brew the tea herbs you take. According to some research, herbal tea will help to reduce anxiety and will make you relax.

Listening to music

Music never dies. You can listen to your favorite music from the music player device you carry. By listening to music, you will not feel lonely and bored on the plane. But keep in mind to listen through a headset for the music you are playing not disturb other passengers.


Sleeping is an effective way against your boredom during the flight. By sleeping, you can save energy before landing. You can bring a small pillow to rest your head in order to get fatigue in your neck and head are reduced.

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