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Flight prices can increase ten times on Idul Fitri.

Flight prices can increase ten times on Idul Fitri.

29 Jul 2011 11:00:00

An analysis done by utiket.com shows that prices for flights on Idul Fitri are skyrocketing. Prices on certain routes can now be ten times or more expensive than usual. Prices of flights departing from Jakarta to certain popular destinations even see increases up to fifteen times the normal ticket price.

Holiday destinations

Especially prices for flights from Jakarta to holiday destinations like Singapore and Denpasar have increased the most: the cheapest price of a ticket Jakarta to Singapore would normally be only Rp. 235,000, but on the 27th of August it is now almost Rp. 1,9 million, a eight fold increase. Another popular route, Jakarta to Denpasar would be Rp 200,000 normally but has seen an increase to Rp, 1,4 million on Idul Fitri. A flight from close-by Bandung to Denpasar is even Rp. 2,1 million on the same day, up from only Rp. 362.500 normally. This makes it for people living in Bandung an option to take the car to Jakarta and fly from there to Denpasar, saving Rp. 700,000 on one ticket.

But also to other domestic destinations the increases are huge. The cheapest flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is only Rp. 142,500 normally, but is now Rp. 837,000 on the 27th of August. Flying to Medan from Jakarta would cost only Rp. 199,500 normally, but that ticket is now Rp. 1,3 million on the 27th of august.

Save money by flying earlier

Utiket.com's data shows that you can save a lot of money by flying only few days earlier. Flight prices reach an overall high at the 27th of August but can be half just two days before. Also prices for a destination can differ enormously between airports close to each other. So another way to save money is by checking alternative routes and take the car to another airport close-by and fly from there. If you are a family with a few children this potentially can save you millions of Rupiahs. As there are still seats available on most flights, ticket prices are expected to rise even further in the coming weeks. If you have not booked yet, utiket.com advices to do this as soon as possible.

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