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History of Reog Ponorogo

History of Reog Ponorogo

6 Sep 2013 07:04:00

Reog is one culture in Indonesia that is still maintained its existence until now . This traditional art has elements of mystical and powerful mysticism . It makes its own appeal . While Ponorogo is a city that is considered as the origin of Reog . At the gates of the town of Ponorogo , there are Warok  and Gemblak figures which are two Reog figures that always appear when the show takes place .


There are five popular versions of the origins of  Reog , but among the five versions of the most famous is the story of Ki Ageng Kutu's rebellion, a royal leader's servant during Bhre Kertabhumi in the Majapahit Empire in the 15th century . At that time Ki Ageng Fleas rebelled and pointed sarcasticism to the king and his kingdom through Reog performances . In this performance there was displayed mask lion-shaped head and called by the name of Singa Barong symbolizing the King Kertabhumi . While the peacock feathers stuck in the lion's head resembling a giant fan Barong symbolizes the strong influence of the King associates coming from Tiongkok . As for the Jatilan dance played by Gemblak dancers symbolize strength  of Majapahit troops and inversely proportional to the strength of the Warok which became a symbol of the power of Ki Ageng own Ticks where Warok must sustain Singa Barong mask and weigh up to 50 kg just by using his teeth .

Reog  performed by Ki Ageng Kutu was increasingly popular among the people of that time so it made King Bhre Kertabhumi to take offensive action to Ki Ageng Kutu and prohibit teaching about Warok proceed . While Reog staging itself is still allowed because it had already become a popular arts in the community , but with a new groove in the plot, and the addition of characters from the Ponorogo folklore like Kelono Sewandono , Dewi Songgolangit and Sri Genthayu as well .

Currently Reog Ponorogo storyline has an official version about the King of Ponorogo and his army consisting of King  Kelono and his deputy named Bujang Anom and the Waroks who wish to propose Dewi Ragil Kuning , a princess of Kediri . But on the way the king is blocked by the troops of the King Singabarong of Kediri consisting of peacock and lion .

Reog is usually held in several important events such as weddings , circumcisions and national major holidays . Reog is composed of several series , which opened with the opening dance scene which amounts two to three dances followed by the main dance where the dance depends on the event that is being implemented . The last scene in the form of Singa Barong dance where the dancers have to bear mask with his teeth . The mask-shaped head of a lion and peacock feathered that the weight can reach 50 to 60 kg .

There are some figures in Reog , which are Jathil a hussar , Warok figures depicted in the form of a master of science both physically and spiritually , Barongan ( Dadak Merak )  in the form of dance equipment of Reog , Klono Sewandono or King Kelono a king who possesses a power and Kyai Pecut a ultimate weapon in the form of a whip and Bujang Ganong or Ganongan or also known as Patih Pujangga Anom  a powerful governor who is powerful , wily , witty and strong-willed .

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