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Traveling while Fasting

Traveling while Fasting

21 Jun 2013 04:51:00

Fasting is not a reason for getting lazy in the room. Many things are still fun to be done while fasting, among others traveling. Although doing fasting, you can still really enjoy fun traveling without disturbing your fasting. The conditions are perhaps different, but with a few tips below, traveling and fasting can still run smoothly and you can still have fun:

The meal at sahur (dawn)

Your body naturally requires more nutrients during fasting, especially if you are going to do a lot of outdoor activities including traveling. Food menu choice will help whatever your activity will be. Choose a balanced meal menu between vegetables and side dishes. Drink plenty of water as well as additional vitamins. You can also consume honey or kurma fruit as additional nutrients for your body.

Destination choices

When fasting, of course your energy won’t be as much as normal day. Destination attractions that you will visit certainly must be adjusted as well. Maybe hang out in places that have historical value could be an option for you like the museum or temples. Culinary tours will also be exciting when breaking time comes. Enjoy a break with a new menu that will definitely increase your spirit.

Use comfortable clothes

Choose the most comfortable clothes to use. Clothing that is too thick is not appropriate if you to use in tropical countries like Indonesia. Thick clothing will make you expend more energy and fluids as sweat. If it is necessary, use a hat or an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight when you walk around.

Go in groups

When fasting, you should avoid traveling alone. Invite some friends or at least two friends to accompany you in traveling. In addition it would be fun, you also have friends at dawn and break. So you will not feel lonely and be much more vigor.

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