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Fun Vacation using Minimum Budget

Fun Vacation using Minimum Budget

28 Jun 2013 15:36:00

Vacation ... vacation ... vacation! Everyone will love it. Holiday is related to fun and of course need a special fund. But not all of course. With a minimal budget then you can still enjoy the fun holiday. It takes a special trick, but it can be done by anyone really. Here goes the trick:


To determine the holiday destination, you have to be flexible. Choose your holiday destination to places that have a low cost of living but still fun as Yogyakarta, Malang, or Solo. The towns have diverse tourism places for your holiday.


To get to the tourism sites you do not need to merely hire a car or motorcycle that requires more funding. If you stay in a place not too far away, you can take a pedicab or try using public transport such as buses. Besides being more efficient, it would be more memorable.


If you have friends or relatives in the city of your destination, do not hesitate to contact them and hitch a ride to stay. That way you can save the cost of lodging. If this is not possible, you can stay at the cheaper inn than hotels like the daily boarding house. If you go with friends, you can choose the homestay.


Many things can be done to save the meal. You can walk around the city and visit traditional markets. The foods in the traditional markets are usually typical and cheap. Another thing you can do is to find the info via the internet on recommended places to eat in town destination by many travelers. See also the average price. You can have a culinary tour while in vacation, right?

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