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Can Pregnant Woman Fly Using a Plane?

Can Pregnant Woman Fly Using a Plane?

28 Jun 2013 15:40:00

Perhaps among you will ask whether can a pregnant woman fly on a plane? Or even there is confusion insuring risks that can be generated. There is new research saying that pregnant women are still allowed to travel using plane as long as has not reached the age of 37 weeks. This is based on the latest research findings of some experts at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Actually, the safest time for pregnant women to fly by plane is the second trimester of gestation or 18 to 24 weeks because at this period the risks such as premature or sudden birth getting lower. However, there are still some airlines allowing pregnant women to fly though the pregnancy ages reaching 36 weeks.

However, not all pregnant women under the age of 36 weeks are safe to fly. There are several things to note especially about the condition of the health of the pregnant mother. Pregnant women who have severe anemia, sickle cell disease (abnormal shape of red cell/ crescent-shaped), have a history of blood clots, and weak placenta should not fly using the plane due to the risk to the safety of pregnant women and babies in the womb. Before buying tickets, see a doctor and make sure your body condition and your baby in the womb in a state that allows it to travel by plane.

There may be concerns that the lower air pressure in the cabin of the aircraft will result a sudden birth, but it would not have happened if the body conditions is fit so that the body will automatically adjust to the conditions. While in a plane, pregnant women should consume lots of water to avoid dehydration due to the humidity in the cabin. If it’s possible, get up and take frequent walks in the cabin aisle to stretch muscles and avoid deep vein thrombosits. Install the seat belt on the lower abdomen and crosses the shoulder down. If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask a doctor or to the airline.

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