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Mingle With Local Residents When Traveling

Mingle With Local Residents When Traveling

15 Jul 2013 01:31:00

Traveling has always allowed you to meet various things. Not only new tourist attractions and atmosphere, but you will also meet with local residents who became locals in your traveling destination. During the time at the point of traveling, you can blend in and familiarize yourself with them. That way you will get a new experience. Here are some things you can do to blend in with the locals:

Learn the local language

You must already know that Indonesia has diverse tribes having different languages. For that you should prepare yourself to learn the local language of your traveling destination. You can learn the language of calls and greeting commonly used in daily life by local residents.

Be polite

Remember the saying where earth trampled there the sky have to be esteemed, meaning that you have to respect any rules wherever you are. While in other places, try to always act polite. That way, you can get easily accepted by local residents. Do not attach a frown when meeting them. Smile so that local residents know that you have good intentions towards them.


When mingling with the locals, it’s good for you to share. You can share stories with them. You can share stories about the culture, tradition and uniqueness of the local area that you admire. Make the atmosphere to be more comfortable. You can insert humor when telling it. But remember, do not put racial element so as not to offend them.

Give a keepsake

Nothing wrong with you giving a memento to the local residents. You can give your souvenirs brought from the region of origin. Or it could also to give accessories such as bracelets or necklaces. But do not make it looks like you’re forcing it. Choose local residents who think you are very familiar while you are in that place.

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