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How to Make Passport Via Online

How to Make Passport Via Online

15 Jul 2013 01:40:00

The lacks of information makes a lot of people do not know how to get passport. Though this thing is important to get if you are planning to travel abroad. Passport is an official document issued by the competent state authorities and applies to travel between countries. Passport itself contains the identity of the holder, ranging from photo holder, signature, place and date of birth, information holders and other information that identifies the individual holder. Passport generally contains 24 or 48 pages with a validity period of three to five years.

There are several ways that can be done to make the passport in Indonesia, among others, by coming directly to the immigration office of the Republic of Indonesia, through a broker or dealer that is certainly cost more expensive or the most practical and easy with the online system. The following explanation of how to make a passport online:

The first thing you should do is open the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration website at the following link http://www.imigrasi.go.id/ On the first page there will be an explanation of the flow and process of passport application. You can learn it.

Prepare important documents needed. These documents include a birth certificate, family card, ID card, last diploma certificate and marriage certificate (for the married). Try to prepare all the originals.

After that, you need to scan all the documents that you have prepared. Scanning is done so that you can upload them online. Then you only open the application form. Procedures for filing can be found here http://ipass.imigrasi.go.id:8080/xpasinet/faces/general/faq.pdfOn the application you will receive an explanation about how to make the filling in the registration form. Once the form completed and required documents have been uploaded completely then you will get a proof of registration in the form of name and registration number and print the document registration.

.The next stage, come to the immigration office near where you live. Submit proof of registration that you print. After that wait about fifteen minutes and then you’ll be called and given evidence to the next stage of passport photos. For passport photos session, it requires considerable time approximately two weeks later.

After a specified time to perform s passport photos arrive, come back to the local immigration office. You will be asked to pay a fee of making passport. It costs around IDR 275,000.00 for passport with 48 pages. After that wait for your turn to take a photo and fingerprint scans. You might be in a long queue for this. Once the photograph and fingerprints completed, you will be asked to wait again for about ten minutes. After that you will be told when to take a passport that is so. Normally it will take three to four days for taking passport.

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