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Save Fuel When Traveling

Save Fuel When Traveling

15 Jul 2013 01:43:00

As we know, the official government has raised fuel prices. Even so, it’s not an obstacle for you to travel especially in the holiday season as it is today. Traveling using private vehicle is more convenient than using public transport. In addition, time with family also will last longer on the way. There are a few things you can do to save on fuel when traveling by private vehicle:

Survey your destination

Before you travel to a vacation spot, it is worth to certainly find out in advance with the location of your vacation. Learn how to get there and who knows you could find an alternative way closer. Avoid roads also potentially jammed. Thus, in addition you will be more fuel efficient because your mileage is shorter, it can also avoid you getting lost on the way.

Do not heat the car for too long

Ideally heating the car only takes between five to ten minutes. Avoid the tendency to heat up your car and leave it to do other activities. This will make the fuel of your car getting wasteful. When heating the car, the air conditioning should be turned off.

AC use for good

AC could make your vehicle more wasteful of fuel because the engine rotation burden will be heavier. To trick it, you should not turn on the air conditioner constantly, especially when you are on the road with gentleness cool air. Windshield should be open to get fresh air.

Do not speeding

Avoid speeding on the road. In addition it could endanger your safety, carry a car at high speed will make the car more wasteful of fuel. Drive joyfully and at steady pace. The more often you play the gas and the brake pedals, the faster your vehicle runs out of fuel.

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