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Tips to Prevent Seasick

Tips to Prevent Seasick

19 Jul 2013 22:30:00

Seasickness can happen to anyone when on board. For the traveler who is often traveling by ship must have been known of it. Actually seasickness can be prevented not only by taking anti-motion sickness alone, but there are some things you can do, such as:

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

Being on the boat will usually make traveler seasick if he/she in a narrow and closed room or in room that gets direct sunlight. Therefore, look for an open place with enough wind but not exposed by direct sunlight. Choosing a seat on the board can prevent seasickness. Based on studies conducted by experts, in the middle of the ship is the best place for the center point of the ship is the most balanced point.

Shifting views

Surging sea water and shook the ship can make you feel nauseous. You can look at the sky to be calm and relaxed. Staring at the still and quiet sky scenery will help you to balance your feelings while on the boat. You can also look at the open sea and breathe the fresh air to reduce the nausea that come while on board.

Choose the right food

Ginger or mint is the right choice to be consumed while feeling nauseous on the boat because the two materials can help reduce nausea you are feeling. Choose foods or drinks that contain both ingredients. It can be candy, aromatherapy oil or ginger.

Avoid pungent odor

Being on the ship can allow you to meet more people. Of the many people that could be a person who is near you wearing overpowering perfume. This can trigger seasickness. To avoid it, immediately seek a safe haven from the dreadful stench.

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