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Krakatau Festival, Bandar Lampung

Krakatau Festival, Bandar Lampung

25 Aug 2013 07:38:00

Krakatau Festival is an annual festival held in Lampung province. The event participated by all regencies and cities in Lampung province is also the largest annual event in the travel agenda for the province because it can attract many tourists to come to see Krakatau Festival. This festival has been held since 1991 and is usually held between June and October each year.

This festival is meant to commemorate the devastating events in the past, the eruption of Mount Krakatau on August 26th – 27th, 1883. The eruption of Mount Krakatau occurred at that time was an earth-shattering explosion as the eruption’s sounding voice could be heard to a radius of about 4500 km from the center of the explosion and killed about 36,000 people. Even volcanic ash produced by this eruption could be felt up to New York, United States, and also lead to global climate change due to the volcanic ash had covered the atmosphere for two and a half days causing the sun shines with a dim within one year after the eruption.

That is exactly the reason why holding Krakatau Festival as well as to introduce tourist potential of Lampung Province. This festival has its own significance for the people of Lampung Province since the beginning, this festival was a form of the province's efforts to clarify that Krakatau is owned by the province of Lampung since Krakatau first region had experienced obscurity into which territory, whether West Java or Lampung .

In addition, the festival is also held to show that the area around Mount Krakatau is a tourist attraction that can be relied upon except Way Kambas National Park. In the Krakatau Festival series of events, there are many exciting activities that can be seen and followed, such as exhibitions, cultural performances, sports, Mount Krakatau tour and many more. If you want to watch the festival live, do not forget to find out the schedule of implementation. You can find the info by contacting the Culture and Tourism Office of Lampung Province. Or you can also find out the info via the internet because usually far-away days before the festival takes place, there will be an announcement posted on the internet.

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