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Now available on Utiket: Trains

Now available on Utiket: Trains

16 Oct 2013 10:33:00

Today we took a major step forwards by allowing you to search for train tickets on Utiket as well. We are very enthousiastic about this because we have made some big improvements on the current available trains search options on other websites. 

Flights and trains together

First, for cities which both have flights and trains available we can show you both. So when you are searching for a train ticket and we know there are also flights available we will show you directly how much it would cost to fly. And we also do this if you are looking for flights between cities which have a train connection. For example, if you look for flights Jakarta -Jogja, we show you all the available flights and we also show you there are trains available and what the price would be. Most people still want to fly but we think it is important you have the information there are other options and you can decide for yourself.  

Search for cities, not stations

Second improvement is that on other websites, even on the official website of Kereta Api Indonesia, you need to select the exact train stations to search. Which is not only very user unfriendly but you would need to be an expert too to know at which stations trains arrive and not. For example, Surabaya has three railway stations but long-distance trains only arrive at Pasar Turi, or, at Gubeng. First you would need to know this, and then you would need to do at least two searches, to Pasar Turi and then to Gubeng, and then try to compare prices. This is unbelievably complicated and we at Utiket have made a significant improvement by allowing you to select cities and we will find all available trains to all railway stations in those cities. Here on Utiket you can just select Surabaya and search, and our search technology will find both the trains to Gubeng and to Pasar Turi and will show them on one page for easy comparisons.

The Future

Our vision is to build a website for all your travel needs. We already have flights, reviews, tours, travel information, best places to visit and now we have added trains to this already long list. In the near future we will add hotels, trains in other countries and hopefully (long distance) busses as well, when available. The goal is that when you need to travel, for holiday, meeting family or for business, we can provide you with all the information you need from when you step out of your house, untill you are back home again. 

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