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Advantages of joining Utiket

Advantages of joining Utiket

31 Jul 2012 18:05:00

In addition to finding easily up-to-date flight information here at Utiket, you can also now join and become a Utiket member... Hmm... why would we want to be a member on Utiket.com?? Well, it certainly has quite a few advantages to join Utiket.com. So what are the benefits?

1. You can set Price Alerts

This is pretty cool. When you have registered to be a Utiket.com member you will get the option to set Price Alerts. The alert is a warning sign, an sms or email on your cell phone, tablet, computer or iPad which will provide information about the flight prices for tickets you want. In this way, you do not need to check flights all the time to see what the current price is.

For example Mr. A of Singapore wants to fly to Bangkok next month. Mr. A want to get the price US$ 100 for a flight. Well, just set the alerts and wait. If the price reaches his target Utiket will then immediately send a sms or email to Mr. A. Of course we do not charge for this. Free service.

2. Stay Up-to-date with free Email.

After you've become a member you can get information about promo prices of the flights you often use and search for. Not only will you get information about the promo prices but we also get the latest comments and postings from other members. Obviously this email is sent for free... And if you do not want this feature, you can also disable it.

3. Searching faster

Making a search for flight information on Utiket.com is done quite easily but when you become a member selecting the departure and destinations for the search can be done much quicker than normal.

If you are logged in as a member you can select departures and destination cities you have chosen before. So, in your member account and our homepage we will show the latest departures and destinations you have used. With this it will be even easier for you in selecting your flight route.

4. Book tickets with one of our partners more easily.

Well, after you have selected the route and selected your ticket the next thing you would want to do is order the tickets, don't stress out. Relax, here at Utiket.com you can not only find information about the flights, you can also book tickets with one of 200 partner travel agents in cities throughout Indonesia.

So what is different being a member? Well, you can store your contact details and name in your account and this will be prefilled in at the booking form. Also as a member you do not need to confirm your email address anymore.

5. Post comments

We post regularly new stories on Utiket and now as a member you can comment on all articles in the weblog, reviews and tourist attractions. Of course these comments are checked and it's not allowed to post insulting comments.

6. Post flight reviews.

But besides commenting on our posts, you can also add your own posts of a review of a flight you had. Of course this will help other members and visitors of Utiket.com as your experience can help others, be the experience good or bad.

After seeing all of these advantages, why don't you join Utiket.com?

How do you become a member..?? It's easy... Simply click on Login at the top and click Member...!

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