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Satay Padang

Satay Padang

17 Jun 2014 03:23:00

Besides Rendang there is one more typical dish of Padang which is very well known as well: Satay Padang. It is easy to find in every city in Indonesia. Satay Padang is made of small pieces of beef and then grilled. Not only the beef meat is used but also the offal and the tongue. The sauce is not like as with normal satay, which is brown and made of soy sauce. The color of Satay Padang sauce is yellow because the sauce is made from spices, while the sauce texture is more thick.

The process of making Satay Padang is quite complex and consist of several stages. First the meat is boiled and spiced, then cut into small pieces and grilled. The water from boiling the meat will be used to make the sauce, with spices and flour added to make it more thick. Satay Padang is served with rice cake, sauce, balado chips and with fried onion. The flavor of Satay Padang is savory and bit spicy.

In a good warung there are three types of satay Padang. Satay Padang with spicy peanut sauce, Satay Padang Panjang with thick yellow sauce and Satay Padang Pariaman with a spicy red sauce. The price per serving is about 16.000-20.000 rupiah.

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