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Bangkirai Hill

Balikpapan, Indonesia

Bangkirai Hill

The National Park Bangkirai Hill is a natural tropical rain forest, located in the Samboja sub-district near Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. This area is 12 miles away from the centre of Samboja district capital, 36 miles away from Balikpapan City and 93 kiles away from Tenggarong or Samarinda City.

In this area of 1,500 hectare tropical rain forest you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and chilly air along with bird's twitter and animal's sounds. There is 4 hectare fruit garden also located in this area. Bangkirai Hill has 45 kinds of orchid, one of them is the Black Orchid, the mascot of East Kalimantan. The Bingkirai tree is the most dominant tree here, most of them are over 150 years old, 40-50 metres high and with a 2 to 3 meters diameter. That is why this area is called the Bangkirai Hill. There are also 113 different kinds of bird, long-tailed monkey, jungle pig, owa-owa, short-tailed macaque, red long-tailed monkey, flying squirrel and deers.

Besides the beauty of all these different kinds of flora and fauna, you can challenge yourself on the canopy bridge. This canopy bridge has a total length of 64 metres and hangs 30 metres above the ground, connected on five Bangkirai trees (10-15 metres for each tree distance). The bridge was constructed in the United States in 1998 with good safety standards and is made of rope with wooden boards on the floor and nylon net for the partition. It is designed specifically from wood and stainless steel making this bridge will last for 15-20 years. This canopy bridge is the first in Indonesia, second in Asia and eighth in the world.

Before you can crosse the canopy bridge, you need to take the stairs heading to a tower made of hard wood. When you take the first step on the bridge, it will sway. It will sway more and more as you continue walking. This bridge can not hold several people at the same time as the swaying will be dangerous. Enjoy the beautiful view and chilly air from 30 metres above ground on a bridge made of planks and wire! From this bridge, you can see the formation of Dipterocarpaceae (type of tree) Cluster Crown which is the identifying mark of this beautiful tropical rain forest.

The price for crossing the bridge is IDR 15,000 per person for domestic tourists and IDR 30,000 for international tourists. There is also trekking field in this area, consisting of different 7 treks of just 150 metres to 3 miles long. A camping place is available too: a 20x50 metres grass field surrounded by a fence. The ticket price to enter Bangkirai Hill is IDR 2,000 for adult and IDR 1,000 for children.

Bangkirai Hill

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The only way to get to this area is by using your own motorcycle, a car or on a tour because there is no public transportation available.

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