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Mount Kerinci

Jambi, Indonesia

Mount Kerinci

Mt. Kerinci is the suit place for you who loves to get an adventure and mount climbing. Some of you must be know that Mt. Kerinci is one of the famous volcano in Sumatera Island. Almost all of Sumatera's residents know about this mount. Mt. Kerinci is located at range of Barisan Mountain. Height of Mt. Kerinci is about 3,805 meters above the sea surface. Thta makes this mount becomes the highest volcano in Sumatera Island and also in Indonesia.

If you wanna go to climb on Mt. Kerinci, firstly you have to go to Pondok R10 at 1,611 meters above sea surface. The road to this post has been asphalted and if you are on luck, you can ride resident's vehicle who passes through this road. If you go there on foot, you need about an hour to reach that post. At this post you have to pay about 10,000 IDR for climbing fee. From Pondok R10 you can continue to Pintu Rimba (Door of Jungle). Pintu Rimba is at 1,800 meters above sea surface and the road also has been asphalted and you will pass through plantation area then you will reach Batu Lumut Post on 2,000 meters above the sea surface. After that you can continue to reach Bangku Panjang Post. On the way to reach Bangku Panjang Post, you will pass through heterogen forest with sloping track. When you're coming at this place on raining season, you can find water for your stock at this post.

After getting in Bangku Panjang Post, you will start to get a steep track with 60 degrees splay angle. You can find the first shelter here which you can use for rest place if you feel tired to continue three kilometers more track with approximately 45 degrees splay angle. By passing through this track, you will find the second shelter. From second to third shelter you have to walk for two kilometers away. At this shelter you can find a spring and wide plain which you can use to build up your tent. From this place you will see the beautiful scenery from Kersik Tuo Village. From here you can continue to get forth shelter which need about two hours tracking. From this forth shelter you can get to Mt. Kerinci's peak for about two hours tracking with sand and rock terrain, cold temperature and strong wind. On the way to this peak you will find Yudha Monument which is built to honour a climber who died when he was climbing and his dead-body not found. Fifthteen minutes away from this monument you will get in to the highest peak in Sumatera Island, Mt. Kerinci's peak. This peak has active crater.

From this peak of course you can see fantastic panorama. Indian Ocean which is surrounded by beaches and villages is the most beautiful panorama which you can see from Mt.Kerinci's peak. On the south side you can see the view of Lake Gunung Tujuh. Don't miss a chance to watch the sunrise from Mt. Kerinci. Sunrise view will be so amazing with wide Sumatera rain forest as its bed. This experience will be the most interesting experience in your life. Do some important preparations before you go for climbing, especially if you are a beginner. Don't forget also to do medical check-up before going to mount climbing.

Mount Kerinci

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Transport options Mount Kerinci

For getting in to Mt. Kerinci you can use both private or rent vehicle. You can start from Jambi City then going to Sungai Penuh which is Kerinci Regency's capital. You will take about 419 km away and need about 10-11 hours travel. You can also use public transportation such as bus or travel-bus. Tariff of travel-bus is about 100,000-150,000 IDR then you can connect with public bus which is heading to Kayu Tuo and get off in Kersik Tuo Village. Fee of this bus is about 10,000 IDR for an hour travel.

If you start your way from Padang City, you will take about 278 km away and seven hours travel.

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Jambi is served by Sultan Thaha Airport. JambiSultan Thaha Airport is located about 6 km southeast from Jambi. A taxi into the city from Sultan Thaha Airport would cost IDR 50.000. Read more about Sultan Thaha Airport or look for flights to Jambi