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    BeijingAir China has the most flights to and from Beijing
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    +140Air China has flights to more than > 140 destinations
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Looking for cheap flights with Air China? With Utiket you can search for Air China flights, find the lowest ticket prices and most convenient flight times. Best of all, here on Utiket you can directly compare Air China fares with other hundres of other airlines. We do not add any commission or fees to a booking you make, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your journey.

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About Air China

Air China is the national airline of the People's Republic of China, not to be confused with China Airlines, the airline of Taiwan. With close to 100 million passengers a year Air China is one of the largest airlines in the world, but most of their traffic is domestic though. Air China operates a fleet of almost 400 aircraft, most of them single-aisle Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 used for domestic flights. Air China also operates the Boeing Dreamliner and expects delivery of the Airbus A350, both long-rang wide-body jets used on international flights.

Air China was formed in 1988 with the break-up of the Civil Aviation Administration of China into six airlines. Air China became responsible for intercontinental flights while the other five airlines (China Eastern, China Southern, China Northern, China Southwest and China Northwest) became responsible for their region. This arrangement did not last that long as mergers between these airlines became common in the early 2000. Air China acquired China Southwest in 2001. Air China listed on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and London in 2005 and joined the Star Alliance a few years later.

Air China flies to over 143 destinations. Most Air China flights are for destinations in China but Air China has international flights to several other countries as well, like for example United States and Japan. From its main base in Beijing 210 flights depart every week. Many people who look for Air China tickets look for flights to Chongqing and Shanghai.

Utiket is a good place to start looking for Air China flights as we can compare all flights by Air China with hundreds of other airlines and dozens of booking websites.

Rules and information for Air China

Checked and hand Baggage allowance

Carry-on baggage or hand luggage on Air China flights may not exceed 5 kg for Economy Class passengers and 8 kg for Business and First Class passengers. A Cabin bag may not be larger than 55x40x20 cm.

The checked baggage allowances differ on domestic or international routes and on ticket class.

For domestic routes Economy Class passengers may check in 20 kg, Business Class 30 kg and First Class passengers 40 kg. Dimensions may not exceed 100x60x40 cm.

For international routes Economy Class passengers may check in one bag of 23 kg each with total dimensions (height+width+depth) of each not exceeding 158 cm. For Business and First Class passengers the rules are the same except they can check in two bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg for each bag.

Different (better) rules apply on certain routes. For example: on China to Japan or to and from America Economy Class passengers are allowed two bags of 23 kg each instead of one.

Cancellations, name changes and refunds

It is possible to change an existing booking with Air China. You are allowed to cancel your booking or change your flight to a different date or time. For all changes and cancellations there are most likely fees which have to be paid before the change will take effect. The amount of the fee depends on the Class and type of ticket you have bought. Best to make changes at least 6 hours before departure as the fees will be lower.

For First and Business Class changing or cancelling is free or only comes with a small fee (if done 6 hours before departure). For Economy Class the fee depends on the type of ticket: if you have a discount/promo ticket fees can be as high as 50%. For normal Economy Class tickets expect a fee of 10 to 20% of the ticket price.

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