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    ShanghaiChina Eastern Airlines has the most flights to and from Shanghai
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    +150China Eastern Airlines has flights to more than > 150 destinations
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About China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern is the second largest airline of China based in Shanghai with main hubs in Beijing, Kunming and Xi'an. The airline was formed in 1988 and became the first airline to offer shares on the stock exchange. The government still owns a majority (61%) of China Eastern.

China Eastern Airlines has tried to forge several alliances through the last decades. In 2006 it was negotiating to selling a 24% stake to Singapore Airlines but that deal fell through after China Airlines interfered. A strategic alliance was announced in 2013 with Qantas to set up JetStar Hong Kong, an investment of $200 million, which also not succeeded when the Hong Kong authorities refused to issue the necessary licences. China Eastern did merge with Shanghai Airlines in 2009, a highly successful deal as this reduced the competition between the two Shanghai-based airlines. Shanghai Airlines is now a full subsidiary of China Eastern.

China Eastern has a fleet of more than 450 aircraft and has outstanding orders for another 200. Most of their airplanes are Airbus A320-200 and Boeing 737-800, both are single-aisle airplanes used mostly on domestic routes.

China Eastern Airlines flies to over 154 destinations. Most China Eastern Airlines flights are for destinations in China but China Eastern Airlines has international flights to several other countries as well, like for example Japan and United States. From its main base in Shanghai 108 flights depart every week. Many people who look for China Eastern Airlines tickets look for flights to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Utiket is a good place to start looking for China Eastern Airlines flights as we can compare all flights by China Eastern Airlines with hundreds of other airlines and dozens of booking websites.

Rules and information for China Eastern Airlines

Checked and hand Baggage allowance

Each passenger can bring into the cabbin one standard bag with a maximum weight of 5 kg.

The maximum weight for checked baggage is 23 kg. You can check-in multiple bags but the combined weight may not exceed 23 kg.
It is possible to check-in more weight, but there will be additional costs. Please contact China Eastern Airlines for the exact price before you book a flight.

Cancellations, name changes and refunds

After booking and issuing of E-tickets it is not possible anymore to change passengers name or ID numbers on the China Eastern ticket. If you made any mistake, you would have to apply for a refund and book a new ticket.

An application for refund has to be done before the E-ticket expiry date and can take 22 days to process. For domestic flights there is no refund fee on normal tickets, but on special presale tickets there can be a refund fee of 50 to 80% of the ticket price. On international routes the fee is minimal 5% of the ticket price on Economy Class tickets if the application is made at least 6 hours before departs.

A change of departure time is free on normal Economy class tickets if processed at least 6 hours before departure.

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