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The Largest Marine Park in The World

The Largest Marine Park in The World

9 Mar 2015 11:56:00

Known as the Le Parc Natural de la Mer De Corail or The Natural Park of The Coral Sea, this marine park has an area of about 1,3 million square kilometer. That's why this marine park is seen as the largest marine park in the world.

The Marine Park is located in New Caledonia, a French commonwealth country in the southeast Pacific Ocean. At this parkare many types of sea animals like 48 species of sharks, 25 species of mamalias, 19 species of birds and 5 species of turtles, including rare green turtles. 

Moreover, this place has a beautiful scenery. The sea is still blue, clean and very clear. You also can dive and see the coral reefs scenery under water. You will be accompanied by an incredible amount of fishes. Soon though this marine park will be divided into several zones, one of them will be an economy zone, where people will be permitted to fish. 

New Caledonia has a lot of biodiversities. It also has The Grand Lagon Sud, the biggest lagoon in the world and a World Heritage site according to UNESCO.  

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