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Flight schedule Kuala Lumpur - Singapore

Below you can find the flight schedule for Kuala Lumpur to Singapore for February 2020
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AirlineFlight numberDepartureArrivalFlight timeFrequency
AirAsia AK701 06:00 07:10 1h 10m daily
AirAsia AK703 07:05 08:20 1h 15m daily
SilkAir MI319 07:35 08:30 55m daily
SilkAir MI5721 07:35 08:30 55m Th
AirAsia AK672 08:00 09:05 1h 5m daily
MasWings MH601 08:05 09:05 1h 0m daily
Malindo Air OD801 08:15 09:15 1h 0m daily
AirAsia AK705 08:25 09:35 1h 10m Fr Sa
SilkAir MI321 08:55 09:55 1h 0m daily
MasWings MH611 09:10 10:20 1h 10m daily
Tiger Airways TR457 09:30 10:40 1h 10m Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Malindo Air OD803 10:25 11:30 1h 5m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ107 10:25 11:35 1h 10m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ5841 10:25 11:35 1h 10m Tu We Fr
AirAsia AK707 10:35 11:35 1h 0m daily
MasWings MH627 10:50 11:55 1h 5m daily
Tiger Airways TR453 10:55 12:05 1h 10m daily
SilkAir MI323 11:05 12:15 1h 10m daily
SilkAir MI5303 11:05 12:15 1h 10m Tu
Air Mauritius MK647 11:40 13:00 1h 20m Tu We Th Fr Sa
MasWings MH603 11:50 12:55 1h 5m daily
SilkAir MI325 12:00 13:05 1h 5m daily
SilkAir MI5425 12:00 13:05 1h 5m Tu Su
AirAsia AK711 12:30 13:40 1h 10m We Th Fr Sa
AirAsia AK678 12:40 13:40 1h 0m daily
MasWings MH623 13:10 14:15 1h 5m Tu Fr Sa Su
AirAsia AK713 13:20 14:30 1h 10m daily
MasWings MH619 14:20 15:30 1h 10m daily
SilkAir MI327 14:30 15:35 1h 5m daily
SilkAir MI5117 14:30 15:35 1h 5m Th Sa
AirAsia AK715 14:55 16:10 1h 15m daily
Malindo Air OD807 15:05 16:10 1h 5m daily
MasWings MH605 15:30 16:35 1h 5m daily
AirAsia AK717 16:40 18:00 1h 20m daily
SilkAir MI329 16:55 18:00 1h 5m daily
SilkAir MI5429 16:55 18:00 1h 5m Mo
Singapore Airlines SQ113 16:55 18:15 1h 20m daily
MasWings MH613 17:20 18:25 1h 5m daily
SilkAir MI339 17:55 19:00 1h 5m daily
AirAsia AK719 18:20 19:40 1h 20m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ117 18:40 19:45 1h 5m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ5843 18:40 19:45 1h 5m Tu
Tiger Airways TR469 18:50 20:00 1h 10m daily
AirAsia AK9627 19:20 20:30 1h 10m Tu Sa Su
MasWings MH607 19:30 20:35 1h 5m daily
Malindo Air OD805 19:40 20:40 1h 0m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ119 20:30 21:30 1h 0m daily
Singapore Airlines SQ5819 20:30 21:30 1h 0m Mo Su
AirAsia AK721 20:45 22:00 1h 15m daily
AirAsia AK9725 21:10 22:25 1h 15m Mo Tu Th Fr Sa Su
Tiger Airways TR467 21:20 22:30 1h 10m daily
SilkAir MI341 21:45 22:50 1h 5m daily
AirAsia AK723 21:50 23:05 1h 15m Mo Tu Th Fr Su
Tiger Airways TR465 22:35 23:45 1h 10m daily
Ethiopian Airlines ET639 23:05 00:25 1h 20m Tu Th Fr Su
MasWings MH609 23:30 00:25 55m daily

Airlines flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight information

  • There are 11 airlines with scheduled flights between Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
  • Weekly there are 127 flights scheduled between Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
  • The earliest flight scheduled between Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is at 06:00.
  • The latest flight scheduled between Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is at 23:30.

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