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Vacation Tips by Train

Vacation Tips by Train

12 Jun 2013 20:55:00

Where are you going this holiday? Of course it is always a question when the holiday season arrives. There are many considerations before deciding to determine your holiday, one of which is transportation. Transportation has become an important factor for vacation. If this holiday you decide to use the train, you should listen to some of these tips:

Book tickets early

If you’re indeed planning a vacation by train, try to book the tickets well in advance of your departure day for a vacation. This is to avoid running out of tickets for train enthusiasts now have increased, moreover it’s been supported with online ticket booking facility.

Choose a train schedule

Selection of train schedules will also affect the availability of tickets. Pick out a train schedule for Friday afternoon or Monday morning for as usual a lot of train tickets booked or are sold out on these both days.

Bring necessary items

Bring only necessary items in order not to trouble yourself while you are on the train. You also can take drugs to keep you during the trip. Do not forget to bring an ID card and some cash. Keep in a safe place but still easy to take at any time when needed.

Always be aware

You never know who's on your side. Therefore you need to always be aware at any time. Put your luggage in reachable place by your supervision, especially if you are carrying valuables. Keep in a safe place. Also be wary if you are wearing jewelry. Do not overdo in wearing the jewelries because it will provoke crime.

Be careful

Be careful when going to take the train, on the train during as well as when you’re about to go down. Do not jostle to get through the door. You can use another door that has been opened. Try to prioritize women, children and the elderly. If you stop at the station where the train carrying new passengers, you should first give a chance to the passengers going up.

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