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Train Tickets Yogyakarta to Jakarta

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Train Ticket Yogyakarta to Jakarta

Looking for a train ticket Yogyakarta to Jakarta? Prices for train tickets for Yogyakarta to Jakarta start at Rp. 74.000. Find the best and cheapest train tickets on this route and other relevant information. You can also search for cheap trains tickets for other routes and easily compare train and flight prices for different dates.

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Train schedule Yogyakarta - Jakarta

NameDepartingArrivingTravel TimeRoute
Taksaka 08:50 15:10 6h 20m Tugu - Gambir
Bangunkarta 09:07 17:09 8h 2m Tugu - Jatinegara
Argo Lawu 09:24 15:35 6h 11m Tugu - Gambir
Progo 15:10 23:31 8h 21m Lempuyangan - Jatinegara
Gajahwong 17:00 01:19 8h 19m Lempuyangan - Jatinegara
Gajahwong 17:08 01:32 8h 24m Tugu - Pasar Senen
Senja Utama Yk 17:50 01:55 8h 5m Tugu - Pasar Senen
Senja Utama Solo 18:53 02:17 7h 24m Tugu - Jatinegara
Gajayana 20:14 03:03 6h 49m Tugu - Gambir
Argo Dwipangga 20:59 03:10 6h 11m Tugu - Gambir
Bima 21:23 04:50 7h 27m Tugu - Gambir
Singasari 21:53 06:09 8h 16m Lempuyangan - Jatinegara
Bengawan 22:07 06:45 8h 38m Lempuyangan - Jatinegara

Yogyakarta to Jakarta Route Information

About Station Tugu

Tugu Station Yogyakarta is located at the city center and is the largest station in Yogyakarta Province with European-style architecture of the building because it was built during the reign of the Dutch. The station has six railway lines serving the route for almost all major cities in Java. The station started to operate on May 2nd, 1887 and initially served as a transit station for trains transporting crops from Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Then on February 1st, 1905, the station changed its function as a transit station for passenger trains. In 1899 there was built the first outside city line connecting Yogyakarta-Surakarta city. In addition, up to now the station still serves as a treatment place for train. Facilities at this station are complete including the presence of ATM machine, vending machine to free wifi that can be accessed while waiting for train arrival.

Stations in Yogyakarta

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About Station Gambir

Gambir Station is a train station in Jakarta, precisely at Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No. 19-27, Central Jakarta. The station is the largest in Jakarta. Gambir Station is located in the city center and adjacent to the Monas or National Monument. The station was built in the 1930s under the name Koningsplein Station and started to run on October 4th, 1884. This station was the first station in Koningsplein and maintained by Weltevreden Railway Station Well Contented. This station used to be a station for departure for Bandung and Surabaya route. At first, the station was designed by SS (Staatsspoorwegen) and the building uses roof resting on iron bearing. But in 1917, the station was enlarged and continued to experience massive change to ten years ahead and use the concept of art deco buildings. The station was undergoing massive renovation in 1990.

Stations in Jakarta

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