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Batam - Hang Nadim Airport (BTH)


Hang Nadim Airport (BTH) is the main airport on the Riau Islands and the most confenient way of visiting Batam or the surrounding islands. Numerous ferries can bring you to neighboring islands (including Singapore).
Nearly all flights are domestic with direct connections to all major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Palembang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta and Bandung. If you need to get on a connecting flight from Singapore's Changi Airport, you must be on a ferry to Singapore at least four hours before departure time, preferable earlier.

Which airlines fly to Hang Nadim Airport?

How many runways and passenger terminals does Hang Nadim Airport have?

Originally developed as an alternative airport for Singapore Changi Airport the Batam Hang Nadim Airport has one passenger terminal with all facilities and one of the longest runways in Indonesia, sufficient for Boeing 747s.

Where is Hang Nadim Airport located?

Hang Nadim Airport is located on the eastern side of Batam Island, about 15 km east of Nagoya city.

How to get from the airport to Batam city centre by public transport?

Public transport is non-existent at Batam Airport so you would need to take a taxi to get around.

How much does a taxi cost from the airport to Batam city centre?

Taxi from/to Hang Nadim Airport to Nagoya will take about 25 minutes, with a cost of up to Rp 100,000. You need to negotiate as most taxi drivers refuse to use the meter.
If you are heading for Singapore best to go to the Batam Centre pier where hourly ferries head for the central Harbourfront pier in Singapore, the ferry will take about an hour but you need to pass immigration on both sides.
Flights from Batam to destinations within Indonesia are often cheaper then from Singapore. If you are coming from Singapore to catch a flight at Batam Airport best take the subway from the airport to Harbourfront where numerous ferries depart to Batam Centre. From there proceed by taxi (Rp.70.000) to the airport. Be aware there is an hour time difference.

All prices quoted here were found in July 2017

How does the airport look like?

What are popular destinations from Hang Nadim Airport?

Most flights from Hang Nadim Airport are to Jakarta and to Medan but there are many more flights to other destinations as well, most of them by Lion Air. Every day there are flights to 23 destinations from Hang Nadim Airport. Here are the most popular destinations: