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Surabaya - Juanda International Airport (SUB)


Juanda International Airport is the 2nd largest and 2nd busiest airport in Indonesia after Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The airport was named after Djuanda Kartawidjaja, one of Indonesia's Prime Ministers. Juanda has an expanding selection of domestic routes, including direct flights to Lombok and Kalimantan, and international routes to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, among others.

What are popular destinations from Juanda International Airport?

Most flights from Juanda International Airport are to Jakarta and to Makassar but there are many more flights to other destinations as well, most of them by Lion Air. Every day there are flights to 20 destinations from Juanda International Airport. Here are the most popular destinations:

Quick info Surabaya - Juanda International Airport

  • Distance

    10km southSurabaya - Juanda International Airport is located about 10km south of Surabaya
  • Taxi price

    IDR 110.000A taxi from Surabaya - Juanda International Airport to the center of Surabaya would cost around IDR110.000
  • Total airlines

    > 12Over 12 different airlines have flights to Surabaya. The popular ones are: Lion Air, Batik Air, Super Air Jet

How does the airport look like?

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Juanda International Airport

How many runways and passenger terminals does Juanda International Airport have?

There are two terminals at Juanda International Airport: Terminal A handles all international flights, while Terminal B is for domestic. The international arrival and departure hall is on the west wing and the domestic terminal is on the east wing. In the centre you can find the information centre and the shopping arcades.
Two new runways and two new terminals are currently constructed and are expected to open in 2019.

Where is Juanda International Airport located?

Juanda International Airport (SUB) is located in Sidoarjo, about 10 km south of downtown Surabaya.

How to get from the airport to Surabaya city centre by public transport?

By bus: Damri air conditioned shuttle buses are available in front of the domestic terminal, near the parking bay. The fare is Rp 20,000 and the bus will take you to the Purabaya Bus Terminal (the locals call it Burgarasih Terminal), which is about 10km south of the city. Depending on traffic, this will take around 30 minutes. The operating hours are from 4am till 7pm.

How much does a taxi cost from the airport to Surabaya city centre?

Taxis are widely available outside the terminal building. Primkopal Juanda taxis operate on a flat-fee rate to various destinations in Surabaya for around Rp 100,000-150,000 depending on your exact destination, add on another Rp 8,000 for toll road fees.
Often you may be able to get a driver dropping off passengers to pick you up, which is cheaper.

All prices quoted here were found in July 2017

Which airlines fly to Juanda International Airport?