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Processed Salak, A Typical Food of Karangasem, Bali

Processed Salak, A Typical Food of Karangasem, Bali

16 Dec 2013 03:50:00

Being a tropical country Indonesia has many fruits which are ready to eat and also can be processed into various food or snacks. One of there is salak Bali (skin snack fruit from Bali) Salak Bali has a unique taste, combination of sour and bittersweet with thick flesh and small single seed.

The fruit can be found easily in Karangasem, Bali, a center of salak Bali farming. In the harvest time you can find many kinds of food made from salak such as salak chips,dodol (sweet toffee) pickled salak and candied salak. Many home industries in Karangasem produce these food.

Salak chips has the same taste with unprocessed salak but crispy and crunchy. It is so yummy! You can buy a pack of chips for IDR 22,000 (250 gram). For dodol salak it just IDR 6.000 per small pack. Dodol processing takes quite a long time because the dodol dough need to be cooked for about 4 hours. Pickled and candies salak are tourists favorite as well and salak Bali can be processed into jam or honey also.

Are u curious enough to taste them? Do not forget to spend your time in Karangasem when you were visiting Bali. You can taste various kind of salak snacks and food and bring them home as gifts and you can watch the foodmaking process as well. It sound quite interesting isn’t it?

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