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Airfare for Babies and Children

Airfare for Babies and Children

21 Jun 2013 04:45:00

How many air fares for infants and children? Such question is often asked to us either via IM or email. As you know, Utiket provides info airfares for adults only until today. Why don’t we show the option for infants and children passengers? Here's the explanation:

A category of baby passengers in the aviation world is for a person between the ages of zero to two years. As for the kids category is intended for a person between the ages of two to twelve years. Over twelve years has been included in the category of adult passengers.

As we know, every company has a different policy. So it does with any airline. Not all carriers implement the same system in determining the ticket prices for babies. If the passenger category for the kids, almost all airline ticket prices follow the price applying to adult passengers price.

For babies fares will vary for each airline. For example, Garuda Indonesia passenger fares apply baby for ten percent of the price of adult passengers, Tiger Airways or Mandala apply a tariff of 50 Singapore dollars, or about IDR 394 000 for infant per flight sector. As for the other airlines such as Lion, Citilink and most other airlines, the ticket price for the baby will look after booking by the travel agent.

As you know well, Utiket is only limited to provide information airline ticket prices without selling tickets. That is why Utiket does not show the option for infants and children in the search form as Utiket alone cannot do the booking process for airfares. If you plan to travel by plane with a baby, you can find info the adult ticket prices first on utiket.com. After finding a suitable price, you can book it through one of our partners to find out the total price of the ticket with your baby.

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