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Canceling Tickets

Canceling Tickets

6 Dec 2013 06:22:00

Air travel may have become a regular thing for you. Booking the tickets yourselves, either online or at a counter, almost anybody can do. But not everybody know how to cancel the purchased tickets. As there are many things we can not predict the travel plan sometimes change and so you have to ask yourself: Is the ticket refundable and we can get our money back? To answer that we have to look at different reasons for ticket cancellation:

Changing travel plans

You are often not allowed to change the route but you are allowed to change your flight date. There are a few requirements and caveats. First, your tickets should still be in the validity period, meaning you have to rebook your flight well in advance. Second, you have to pay the price difference between your current airfare and the new airfare. The third is the administrative costs. You may be charged for an administrative fee. These are the basic rules but each airline and often on different ticket classes per airline there will be different rules. Best to contact the airline.

You cancel travel plans

Cancelling tickets is more difficult and more often than not it is not possible, and if it is possilble you will only get a part of your money back. Terms and conditions of each airline are different, so you should contact the airline directly or the agency from which you are bought the tickets. 

Long delay or flight cancellation by the airline

Conditions like this can happen because of bad the weather, causing you or the airline to cancel the flight, or because of a technical fault causing such a long delay you decide to cancel the flight. If the reason for cancellation of flights is due to the above events, then you need to contact the airline to make sure you can get back your money.

Be aware that If you want to make changes to your flight itinerary or cancel the flight, best to do this at least 2x24 hours before departure time. The longer you wait, the higher the administrative expenses and the more you need to pay. Also not all air tickets can be refunded or changed; especially promo airfares usually have different policy.

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