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Don't Bring These Items Into Airplane

Don't Bring These Items Into Airplane

8 May 2015 09:39:00

Your stuff has been confiscated by the airport officials? A bad experience, right? Some items are not permitted to be carried as cabin baggage or in checked baggage. The rules have been set by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). These items you can not bring into the airplane.

Dangerous liquids

Usually airlines prohibit their customers to bring dangerous liquids such as chemicals. However, you are allowed to bring liquids like parfume or hairspray. If  you put them in your cabin baggage each item should not be more than 100 ml and best to put them in a transparant plastic bag. Otherwise, put them into your checked baggage. 

Compressed Gases

Passengers are not permitted to bring compressed gases such as spray paint, lighter, lighter fuels, aerosol etc. The gas inside could cause an explosion which would endanger the safety of all the passengers. 

Sharp items

Never bring sharp items like knife, sword, samurai, arrows or something else even only for souvenir. These items will be confiscated by the airport officials. But make-up accessories like nail clippers, nail file, razor or something else, if you really need it, best to put in your checked baggage. Or, you can buy them at your destination.

Guns and firearms

Guns and firearms are dangerous too so you should never bring them on your flight. Sometimes you can bring them but only in your checked baggage and only after the airline and airport officials have given specific permission. 

Sporting Items and Inflated Items

Sporting items such as golf sticks, hockey sticks, baseball sticks, etc and inflated items such as an inflatable ball will not be permitted to be carried as cabin baggage. Inflated items you can bring them into the airplane if the items have been deflated or if put in your checked baggage.

These are the most common items that may get confiscated by airport officials because the items could endanger the safety of the passengers.  If in doubt best to contact the airline in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

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